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Nvidia 8800GT Tech Review

There are several important parts to every gaming machine. There’s the CPU (the speed of your Core chip), there’s sound, important but most motherboards can go for 7.1 sound nowadays, and finally and I think the most important one, video card. Karamihan sa mga games ngayon grabe kumain ng power. This is where your video cards can help you out the most.

For us gamers, we look for the most powerful card out there that is within our budget. Kung baga sulit sa presyo pero bawi sa performance. Well, good news mga kapatid! Nvidia just released its new 8800GT! Sa mga di pa nakakaalam ang 8 series ng nvidia ang pinakamaganda at pinakamalakas na video cards na nabibili ngayon. As a primer on the naming conventions kung ano yung mga GT, GS, atbp, tingin po sa baba.

Picture of a Leadteck Nvidia 8800GT care of Tom’s Hardware

GS – Value (mura pero di gaano kaganda performance)
GT – Mid-line
GTS – Upper Mid-line
GTX – Mahal pero magandang maganda na
Ultra – Overkill (kung dadalawahin mo pa to gaya ng SLI – sunog pc mo. yokyokyok)

So kita po sa nailagay sa taas kung saan tong 8800GT. It’s a midline card that gives power ang yet at a lower price.

Now what is so good about the 8800GT besides the price? Well it offers better anti-aliasing than its lower ranged predecessors (anti-aliasing kapatid ay yung pagbubura ng parang hagdanan na nakikita niyo sa pagka-render ng inyong graphics lalo na pagmay curves). It has finer anti-aliasing settings that you can tweak depending on how much you want those “stairs” to disappear.

The new 8800GT also has the same shading features as its 8800 Ultra and GTX counterparts making it just as powerful at generating shadows and lightfalls. So yung mga dark na games mas maganda tingnan po dito. Games like Doom3, Quake 4, Lineage 2, and even the old Counterstrike Source gets a big ramp in performance and graphics with this card.

Surprisingly, the 8800GT performs better than the GTS upon testing! Siguro dahil 512mb and memory nito compared sa mas mababa ng GTS. Para sa mga mas technical natin na mga kapatid, ito pa ang vital stats ng 8800GT.

Clock Core – 600Mhz
Shader Clock – 1500Mhz
Memory Clock – 900Mhz
Video RAM – 512MB
Memory Interface – 256-bit

If you have spare cash and you need power for low cost, the 8800GT is a good deal for you. If you want additional details on the 8800GT, you can ask me or check the nvidia website.

(Nvidia and Nvidia SLI seal are property rights of Nvidia Corp. Thanks for the use guys! Great product!)


  1. hey. bakit ang mahal nito sa stores?! i saw one priced at 14500 eh the US ones are priced at 7000!!

  2. PHP10,100.00 lang ito sa Villman and im sure mas mababa pa sa ibang store. medyo mas mahal talaga ng konti ang price dito sa pinas since delay kung maimplement dito ang price drop.

  3. Import taxes kapatid. Plus check the models a bit, meron diyan overclocked version or version na higher memory kaya mas mataas ang price. I advice you to look at other stores instead of the more “high profile” stores. They give better value.

  4. i rather buy 560 ti …it is more powerful and they’ve both have the same price … well maybe a little bit …:D

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