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Ragnarok Online Royal Guard Is Out!

Ragnarok Online has been getting quite a few updates lately and I must share my most awaited update. After months of waiting I've finally had my first glimpse of the next phase in the evolution of Paladins, The Royal Guard. Man, I'm so excited I feel the call of nature beconning.

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A Dose of Doppelganger II

Alrighty then! After a long long discussion in the previous article/guide on the Doppelganger card, here’s video clip of what it can actually do for an autobolt Professor. Keep in mind that Kapatagan (the Professor in the video) is still a mid level Professor but can clearly handle this Ice Titan with his trusty Quad Berserk Dagger. Yup, that’s right, …

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The Paladin Chronicles – Ice Ice Pero ‘Di Babeh

Surprisingly my first few days back in Valhalla wasn’t a disaster. I half expected it to be a disaster filled with bots. Grabe magrereklamo na naman ako sa gastos! I need to get myself a shield with a penomena card so I can level better in the Ice Caves but it’s waaay too expensive.

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The Return of the Comeback

Grabe! After much considering and proding (at paghihintay ng lintek na RO2 na hanggang ngayon beta parin), my lady and I have decided to play pRO again! I’m back in Valhalla woot~! (previously Thor). May maghahasik na naman ng lagim. yokyokyok

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