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E-Games Sites And Servers Down And With Malware?!

This is very shocking to filipino gamers as one local gaming publisher, IP e-games, is being blocked by Google search. According to the warning, Google is shunning visitors to visit website as it was tagged as harboring potential malware code and redirecting its search to a warning page. According to Wikipedia, Malware, short for malicious software, is software designed …

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Chrome OS to Debut Next Week

Rumors circulating around the tech-world that Google’s own operating system Chrome OS is about to see the limelight next week. Chrome OS is an operating system designed by Google, Inc. that will run on systems with x86 and ARM processors. The new OS is primarily designed to be installed on small laptops such as netbooks.

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Google Patents Its Own Home Page

The United States is the home of some of the most weird patent wars this decade. With lots of bizarre claims and infringement cases, no wonder that the most profitable profession is being a lawyer. WebProNews is reporting that Google finally scored a patent on its home page. According to the report, Google successfully patented its “graphical user interface for …

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Asus Eee Phone Coming

New York Times interviewed Asus chairman and he revealed details about the upcoming phone that Asus is releasing. According to the report, Asus will extend the EEE brand to smartphones soon according to Jonney Shih, Asus Chairman. “That EEE phone may become an interactive control,” he explained. “The whole digital network is the key.” No technical details has been given …

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Google Chrome now on Beta 3

Google released its 3rd beta update to its new Google Chrome browser, the browser which Google introduced nearly 2 months ago, to fix security upgrade and better support for plugin. Chrome will automatically be downloaded on your system said Mark Larson at Google Chrome blog, the browser’s product manager. You may also open About Google Chrome (from the wrench …

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Opera Browser 9.60 Beta 1

Opera will not sit idly wathching Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla boasts their upcoming browsers. Today Opera Software released Opera 9.60 Beta 1 with new and improved features that will make it stay competitive against well funded competitors.

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