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Google Patents Its Own Home Page

The United States is the home of some of the most weird patent wars this decade. With lots of bizarre claims and infringement cases, no wonder that the most profitable profession is being a lawyer.

WebProNews is reporting that Google finally scored a patent on its home page.

According to the report, Google successfully patented its “graphical user interface for a display screen of a communications terminal”

This will mean that any website that mimics the layout of Google’s home page will have to ask Google for permission or else redesign their site. “Hello and”

Microsoft and Yahoo for their part has tried copying the minimalist design of google to entice netizens to try their own search engine.

Google Home Page Patent

Google’s design of the front page is utterly simplistic and doesn’t sport any kind of fancy detail or design. In fact, an amateur web designer could probably generate the same output in class, coding the HTML and Javascript by hand.

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