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Blade and Soul NCsoft Open Beta!

A few years back we saw the promotional gameplay scenes for Blade and Soul and we were all very very impressed by NCSoft’s work . So much so that the immediate question was, when’s the release date? No answers then and for a long long time no answers came. However a few days ago, Blade and Soul was ready for …

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CryEngine 2 MMORPG! MMO na Crysis!?!?

Former NCsoft executive and creator of high quality MMORPGs like Lineage and Lineage 2 has officially licensed Crytek’s CryEngine2 (The game engine used in Crysis – the most advanced game engine known today) under XMLgames. They are developing an MMORPG to run on the engine. To date, this will be the most technically savy MMORPG when released. Details on the …

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