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They say the best things in life are free. However when it comes to MMORPGs we find this isn't always true, there are a few exceptions though.

Runes of Magic Overview

They say the best things in life are free. However when it comes to MMORPGs we find this isn’t always true, there are a few exceptions though. Welcome to Taborea, a land where Knights, Rogues, Scouts, Warriors, Mages and Priests roam and go adventuring. So what does this MMO offer? Read on mga kapatid!

Runes of Magic developed by Runewaker Entertainment of Taiwan is a pretty standard MMORPG. It offers the most basic of the basic for people who want to escape into a persistent world. The mentioned jobs above are as pure as they come. Warriors are the meat shields, Mages cast spells, Priests heal, Rogues are fast, Scouts use bows and Knights use heavy armor! Any noob will figure that out in less than a second.

Runes of Magic offers a lot of quests. Funny and very arbitrary quests at that. Just talking to NPCs will trigger fetch quests and kill quests. We just find the quests pretty shallow and unintriguing. Other MMOs give out quests like its “Do this and save the world!” Runes of magic offers quests with “so I can make soup!” as motivation. Perhaps this is why there are loads of quests on this game since most are pretty shallow.

Here’s something interesting, the party system. A noob can party with high level characters easy. Since the experience gained is shared, the high leveler can take down huge mumu and hurray for the noob. Leveling is pretty easy this way so just do what is important in an MMO, make friends. We found people just go solo most of the time so if you want to make friends, guilds are a must.

Items are pretty much easy to acquire if you have a guild. Boss monsters are pretty difficult to take on unless you have a small army with you to get the items. Regarding items, you will get to a certain level where you get access to the transmutor. This will enable you to combine gems to create stones that you attach to your weapons and armor and give them magical properties. This kinda reminds me of Diablo 2’s Horadric cube and runes. If you think about it, perhaps it was copied directly from that game.

One complaint would be the game is pretty hard to learn because of the interface. If you’re new to the RPG world this will really be hard to learn indeed. The menus are not very intuitive and self explanatory.

Graphically Runes of Magic isn’t at all that impressive. It offers faded textures, blocky polygons (baba nga ng polygon count eh). It is however pretty colorful, and due to the low polygon count a lot of people running around in a small area wont drop the framerate too much.

If you’re a casual MMO player and do not wish to pay a monthly fee to play, you might want to try Runes of Magic. All in all, it doesnt offer anything new and sometimes it feels a bit uninspired. However, for a free game, its darn good!

You can download the client HERE.


  1. You didn’t mention that it looks almost the same as WoW, oh wait! It is a WoW Clone!
    Lmao, anyway i’m not saying thats bad, after all this is free and WoW is not. So its like playing WoW for free! Hurray! XD

    Currently playing Runes of Magic Malaysia ^^

  2. I hesitated to put that in but yes. It is WoW’s mini me. yokyokyok

    I just hope there’s added gameplay and more compelling raids. haha

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