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Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition Review

Resident Evil 4 was released a long time ago on the PS2 but I must say that the Wii version is a helluva lot more fun that on the PS2. The motion controls contribute a lot to this. So we here at PinoyGaming.net think that it deserves its own review. So get ready for terror, screaming, item searching and whole lot of shooting and stabbing in this survival horror masterpiece.

Resident Evil 4 continues the story set by the previous Resident Evil titles. You’re no longer fighting zombies though, but parasite infested humans, ugly, Spanish, parasite infested humans. You’ll hear the word “morir” (Spanish for “to kill”) a lot.

You play the role of Leon a brash and dashing (papogi effect grabe) American agent assigned to rescue the President’s kidnapped daughter. Napaisip nga ako eh. Bakit di buong battalion pinadala dun, bakit isang tao lang at iisang baril lang binigay. Di man lang machine gun.

The game looks good for a game released a year or so ago. You won’t see advanced shaders, bump mapping and other new graphic technologies but the look of the game contributes a lot to its eerie “gusto ko nang gumising sa bangungot na ito” feel. The Wii renders the images so well since it is a dated engine. My only complaint is the troublesome over the shoulder camera angle that sometimes blocks your view of enemies coming from behind unlike previous versions of resident evil.

The game sounds fantastic. Plug your Wii to a TV or a sound system with true surround and you’ll be losing sleep for days. Ilang beses na ako napatingin sa likod ko baka may mumu pag naglalaro ako mag isa. Sometimes the music scares you even when there’s no scary event on screen.

For gameplay, this game is HARD. Even on regular mode the game is really hard for one particular reason. There’s not enough ammo for all the mumu to kill. You will keep trying to conserve ammo. You will use your knife instead of shoot 80-90% of the time. I myself shoot parasite infected Spanish people on their needs so when they hit the floor I just stab them instead of shooting them dead. What’s even harder is that there are hundreds of them. So when you see a savepoint, SAVE!! Naiinis ako dahil yung Leon di man lang nagdala ng bag na puno ng bala. Pistol lang dala kukonti pa ng bala.

The game is filled with puzzle after puzzle. Enemies that require strategy to take down and the best part of the game is it is totally immersing. Low ammo, all alone, hard enemies, by the time you finish the game you feel like you just climbed Mt. Everest while carrying a jeepney on your back.

The game is highly replayable too. You unlock new weapons, new costumes, new game modes and yes, new characters to play as you finish the game more than once. I for one discovered the Chicago Typewriter (Thompson submachine gun) and I couldn’t wait to play the game again with it. It made the game a lot easier when I had it with me. There’s also a game within a game using a different character but we won’t tell you too much regarding that, it will ruin the story.

Bottomline this game is definitely a must have for any platform, PC, PS2 but we highly recommend playing it on the Wii since the motion controls just fit in greatly with the gameplay. If you are a fan of survival horror or you just want to test your gaming skillz, this game is for you.

Graphics 8
Sound 10
Gameplay 7
Replay Value 8

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