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Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Teaser!

Infinity Ward in another teasing move has released a video displaying the multiplayer feature of Modern Warfare 2. Judging from what we’ve seen, this is simply divine. We’ve noticed several things in this video and they’re listed below:

* There are 4 playable factions – US, SAS, an middle-eastern faction and the Spetz.

* The heartbeat sensor may be a weapon attachment.

* You can be an AC130 gunner for a certain period of time as a killstreak bonus.

* There are 15 customizable killstreak bonuses.

* There will be new challenges and achievments.

* You can stick syntex (plastic explosives) on somebody.

* The hud is smaller and more convenient now.

* There are 2 experience bars? (*kinda weird but if you look carefully its true).

* Anti-air weapons are now available. You won’t have to settle with RPG-7 Dumbfire.

* Militarized shotgun is now available.

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  1. Modern Warfare Was awesome and spectacular And by far the best FPS single player and multiplayer game I have ever played. COD5 was a bit of disappointment to me since it was just COD4 on world war 2(Plus it wasnt infinity ward).
    Now the real makers of Call of duty franchise(Infinity ward) is back to show how to make a COD game 😛

    Really Bloody excited on this game. Already reserved mine 😛

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