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Medal of Honor: Warfighter mission set in the Philippines

Right smack after being featured in a film called Act of Valor, the Philippines is once again the setting for a special forces romp as they take out the bad guys. This time, Electronic Arts reveals their new upcoming shooter Medal of Honor: Warfighter. As far as we can see in the trailer some of the locales featured are rural areas in the Philippines particularly areas in Mindanao. I guess we’re the villains again. I don’t blame them though, our country has its own share of terrorists with strong connections to Al Qaeda. The game itself will feature the same engine used in Battlefield 3 (Frostbite 2). However the gameplay will be far from Battlefield 3’s all out war. This is more in line with Call of Duty gameplay. No more details have been released aside from the October 23, 2012 release date. You can view the trailer below.




  1. Yes,it’s set in the Philippines BUT we Filipinos are not the enemy.The enemies are some illegal immigrants from some other country.


  2. Philippines gonna rock this shit

  3. Let’s suggest the creators of Assassin’s Creed to make another protagonist as another ancestor of Desmond Miles during the Philippine Revolution, where Jose RIzal might be Desmond’s another ancestor. 😛

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