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HightStreet 5: Dance to the Tune of Sweet Whisper

A new and exciting udpate has made its way to one of the coolest casual games in the country. HighStreet5 was refreshed last week with the  Sweet Whisper update that boasts new fashion and accessories that you can use around MetroCity.

Included in the Sweet Whisper updates are eye-catching mounts, classic bicycle and kiddie mini-tricycles. You can give your loved-ones and friends in-game a ride on these new mounts. New collection of trousers made it in the game also. It also adds are skimpy and sexy tops, sassy party dresses, cool jackets and statement accessories!

Aside from in-game items, Sweet Whisper also brings a make-over to the game’s interface adding colorful icons that doesn’t obstruct your view. Giving you a better view of your surroundings. Chat channels received a make-over as well by having a chat channels that meets your needs. Chat box can now be resized.


Sweet Whisper also lets you gauge your charm level and reflect how active you are in-game. You can earn as much flexi charm scores in more ways than you think, dance all you want, vend at your stall or simply log in the game and your charm will boost in no time.

Sweet Whisper is now LIVE and online! If you are still not part of the HighStreet5 PH Family, register here now and you are off to the most exciting virtual party ever!


Why try-out if you can be on the spotlight?  Visit and be a STAR!

About HighStreet 5®

HighStreet5® is a Free-to-Party online social dance game where you can meet friends, dress in the latest fashion, and listen to the latest hit music around the world. The game has a unique, modern, and realistic visual style set with a beautiful crafted contemporary virtual 3D Interactive city. Every player creates a unique character and makes their way to the streets where dance, community, friend-seeking, fashion, music and more weave together.

HighStreet5 is not just any online game. It is an unprecedented socialization experience. An experience an individual can share with all their friends and families. Dance up your life only at HighStreet 5. Visit the official website at

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