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Angry Birds Space Lands at BlackBerry PlayBook

Okay okay this is a bit premature but still good news for tablet-loving BlackBerry users out there. CrackBerry just spotted Angry Birds Space on BlackBerry AppWorld. Good thing that Rovio, creator of famous Angry Bird series, has committed its resources for BlackBerry fans by releasing all the games for the PlayBook. Sure I’m a bit jealous that up until now …

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Draw Something Review

It’s the fastest growing social game ever made. 50 Million downloads in a little over a month. It’s surprisingly simple and yet it’s hooking people into it from all over the world. What is it? Draw Something. 

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HightStreet 5: Dance to the Tune of Sweet Whisper

A new and exciting udpate has made its way to one of the coolest casual game in the country. HighStreet5 was refreshed last week with Sweet Whisper update that boasts new fashion and accessories that you can use around MetroCity.

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HighStreet5: Beyond Gaming

HighStreet5 has successfully reached its 1st year anniversary with a bang. Despite stiff competition from other local game publishers, HighStreet5 remains popular among casual gamers. Here’s a press release article distributed by EagleGame as they celebrate the first year anniversary of HighStreet5.

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Highstreet5 Philippines Beta

If you like fashion, virtual living, music and a lot of dancing I’m pretty sure you’ll try this game out. Highstreet5 Philippines is going beta in a few days and it offers more than just a simple dancing game does.

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