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Geek Fam Bowed Early at Summit 11 Minor Tournament

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Filipino players “Kuku” and “Raven” together with the rest of the team dropped out early at Summit 11 Minor.

The defeat came after Hell Raiser of Ukraine vested them on the first game after a grueling 25 minutes match. Hell Raiser surprised Geek Fam by using Meepo which caught the opposing team unprepared including Raven with his Faceless void as it does not do much to save the game. Hell Raiser picked Rubick, Chen, Kunkka and Sandking for the game.

Game 2 proves to be another devastating blow for Geek Fam as they even though they got the comfort hero of “Raven” the Spectre but Hell Raiser outsmarted them by picking Viper to counter them The second game lasted 45 minutes and sadly for our pinoy youngster, they were eliminiated.

Geek Fam is composed of Dubu, Raven, KUKU, Xepher, and Ryoya and representing South East Asia after topping the South East Asia Qualifiers. On that tourney, they have beaten Cignal Ultra of the Philippines composing Nando, Jamesy, Van, Erice, and Grimzx at game 4 of a best of five Grand Finals of Summit 11 Minor held at Los Angeles, California on Nov 7-10 2019.

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Summit 11 Minor is Dota 2 Tournament Organize by “Beyond the Summit” Sponsored by Monster Energy, Sennheiser, Ray Gaming and Betway.

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