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E-Games: Domination IV

The biggest gathering of gamers around the Philippines is set to happen today at E-Games’ Domination IV here at the SMX Convention Center.

Domination IV is a clash of all the games published by E-Games particularly ZX Online, RAN and Cabal.

E-Games will also announce two new games that will hit the local market – Band Master and Superstar. Both are casual games designed especially for music-loving-gamers. You should try these games if you’re a fan of Audition and O2Jam.

What’s amazing and what struck me the most with today’s event is the massive network of computers around the place. There are literally over 300 computers scattered around the venue! This is one awesome LAN party guys so if your still there at your home, you should come here and party with all your friends.

Will keep on updating this post as the day progresses.

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  1. sasusunod ako panalo jan haha ^^

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