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Compal President Predicts Windows 7 Release Date

If you have read our previous news articles about Windows 7 then you probably would have known that there are lots of speculations as to the release date of Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 7.

New predictions again say that Windows 7 may ship on September or early October.

According to Ray Chen, president of Taiwanese notebook maker Compal, Microsoft could start shipping Windows 7 in late Q3.

“According to current planning, it should be late September or early October,” said Chen, and so far Steve Ballmer or anyone in Microsoft has not confirmed nor denied his claims. Chen further added that he expects the new OS could boost PC sales, although he expects global notebook shipments will grow just slightly, by 5 million, from 120 million in 2008 to 125 million units in 2009.

A growing number of users who tested the first beta of Windows 7 agree that the new OS is almost ready to become primetime. Stability and compatibility is much better than its predecessor Vista.

“Windows 7 has much better performance than Windows Vista,” said Daniel Chang, a computer-industry analyst at Macquarie Securities Ltd. in Taipei. “The reviews have been excellent and there’s been real improvement in the user interface.”

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