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ATI RV740 Put on Test

Its not yet out nor official but Guru3D already recieved an engineering sample of the first 40nm graphics core from AMD/ATI.

Hilbert Hagedoorn of Guru3D published an article about the soon to be announced RV740 graphics card. He even made a benchmark and compared it to HD4850 and HD4830. According to Hilbert, RV740’s performance sits between HD4850 and HD4830.

The sample Guru3D previewed “houses 640 stream processors, 32 texture memory units (TMUs) and 16 render output units (abbreviated as ROPs). As stated, It features a 128-bit wide bus using GDDR5 memory, bumping up bandwidth that rivals equally clocked GDDR3 with double the bus width.” according to Hilbert.

So far HD4670 is around PHP4,900.00 while HD4830 is around PHP6,800.00.

$1 = PHP48.00


  1. projected price nito paps? 🙂

  2. $100 ang projected price ng RV740 once it hits the market. but since this product will be exported here in the philippines, we can expect higher price maybe around 7,000 pesos.

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