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Resident Evil 5 PC Review

In the aftermath of Resident Evil 4, which was a totally different story from the main storyline, there were still a lot of questions left unanswered. First and foremost is, “san ba talaga nanggagaling tong mga hinayupak na mga virus na ito?” There’s the T-Virus, the G-virus, the T-Veronica and even a new one in part 4 called Las Plagas. Resident Evil 5 will attempt to answer these questions and may give you some thrills along the way.

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Breakthrough In Computer Graphics!

What is the first thing we notice when look at games and CG movies? Its the visuals, the graphics. Pre ang ganda ng graphics, parang totoo! We’ve all heard it before but this time, that’s no longer an exaggeration by any means.

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New Lara Croft Sexier Than Ever!

Lara croft has had several upgrades over the years. From the blocky manish polygons of the first Lara Croft to the sexy and oh-so-feminine beauty of renderings in the upcoming Tomb Raider: Underworld. Many of the recent Lara Croft games use motion capture and models to pose for the digital Lara's looks and bodeh! Models have come from all over the world. Now, a new Lara Croft model has been revealed. Mga kapatid, punas laway muna. yokyokyok

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Why the Filipino Youth is Hooked to Online Gaming

I played the game for three years now because this is where I found friends who share the same level of interest as I do. Friends that cannot be seen in-real or at close range like classmates, but friends who can offer a relationship that could stand the test of time.

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‘Wag Tularan

Mga kapatid, pasensiya na medyo matagal dumating yung mga bagong updates, nagbabakasyon ang pinoygaming staff. yokyokyok. Anyway I’ve just come back from my Christmas vacation and I’m revved up and ready to go. To start of this gaming year I’ll post a sort of warning. 2008 is a very promising year for gaming. The new Nvidia 9 series cards are …

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