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Breakthrough In Computer Graphics!

What is the first thing we notice when look at games and CG movies? Its the visuals, the graphics. Pre ang ganda ng graphics, parang totoo! We’ve all heard it before but this time, that’s no longer an exaggeration by any means.

Image Metrics, the people who made the animations in Grand Theft Auto IV, have released the fruits of this endeavor of theirs to reproduce human facial actions down to the most minute detail. The results are absolutely amazing. See for yourselves.

The genius behind this masterpiece is the capturing of a person’s face down to the smallest muscle. This is then rendered and recreated using today’s most advanced graphic renderers (cards like Nvidia GTX 260/280 and ATI’s Radeon 4870×2 I’d bet).

The old way of capturing the subtleties of the human face is to put dots on it and observe how the dots move. Image Metric’s way is to observe the human face right down to the smallest pixel. From eyes to eye brows to the tips of the lips.

Mike Starkenburg, the head of the team in Image Metrics states that 90% of the work is convincing people that the eyes are real.

I must admit this is a little too freaky for me. But I am however excited when games with graphics like these come out in the near future. Hell yeah!

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