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Zhu Xian Online to Hit the Philippines

E-games, the biggest challenger to Level Up! dominance in the MMOG market, is set to open a realm of romance to pinoy gamers in the upcoming Zhu Xian Online: Journey to Immortality.

Zhu Xian Online is a game based on the famous internet novel of the same title. Set in Old China in a time when men could easily weave magic with their will, players can choose to join one of the five clans in Zhu Xian: Heaven Sound Temple, Azure Cloud School, Bonding Bliss School, Ghost King Sect, and Ghost Witchery.

Zhu Xian starts the close beta registration today and they inviting pinoy gamers to test the game and wean out bugs before releasing the game to the public.

You may register a CBT account at


  1. For me the battle between the two top-rated companies depend on the players who play their games which is indirectly having a relation with some of the most powerful Online organizations Like, HolyOrder Org. / Astral Org. / Infernum Aeternam Org. / Lotus Org. / 7th Sign Org. and many others. Their influence and support for the game will lead to success. Hoping that there are no 3rd party programs that will be allowed in ZX Online – PH.

  2. Amen to that. Community support is always vital in any MMORPG.

    Regarding 3rd party programs, its always difficult to keep them away. It will speak highly of a company if they can keep bots at bay.

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