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Yang to Leave Yahoo

After much debacle and pressure from Yahoo’s board of directors, Jerry Yang, CEO and founder of Yahoo, finally decided to step down from his role as CEO of Yahoo!  This came after Microsoft abandoned their desire to buy Yahoo which resulted in Yahoo’s stock plummet.

Yahoo tried to court Google but critics say that the partnership will result in advertisement monopoly.  Google later left the deal after pressures mounted up.  This left Jerry Yang to call Balmer’s, CEO of Microsoft, attention to convince him once more to buy Yahoo. Unfortunately Microsoft’s decision to drop their bid is final.

What will Yahoo’s future be especially now that the US is in the midst of a financial crisis?  We won’t know for now but one thing must remain – all our yahoo mail of course.

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  1. I firmly believe that Yahoo could stand on its on, if provided a very strong foundation.

    Thanks for posting this. Very informative, I like the last line.

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