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Wizards Magazine rated Wolverine as number one in the top 100 comic book characters of all time.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine PC Review

Wizards Magazine rated Wolverine as number one in the top 100 comic book characters of all time. Wolverine’s solo outing in “Wolverine” comicbook has been selling like fishballs. Movies with Wolverine in them do pretty well in the box office. Now, he gets his solo game. Let’s see if it lives up to the hype.

The game is loosely based on the movie, so if you haven’t seen the movie, SPOILER ALERT! You play as wolverine (obvious ba?) and the game is set in two periods of time. First was during Wolverine’s army days during a mysterious mission in Africa and second is right after he got his adamantium skeleton. All this happens as a flashback from a Wolverine in the future.

The game is basically a beat them up. Although it sets itself apart from other beat them ups by adding an RPG element. Yes mga kapatid, naglelevel up si Wolverine. As you level up you get new skills that increase the damage of your claws, increase your Hit Points and your rage points. Also you can find “Mutagens” hidden all over the levels that make the gameplay a bit more unique.You can actually build your own version of wolverine.

On our first play, we made a vampire like Wolverine. We upgraded our vitality, used a damage dealing mutagen and also a mutagen that gives us health as we deal damage. So everytime Wolverine hits really hard, he gains a certain HP. The more you kill, the more you stay alive. (ishlash gee gee).

Alright, just to set things straight, THIS IS NOT FOR KIDS. The game is rated M for mature. There’s blood and gore in this game and we expected as much since you’re controlling a character with unbreakable razor sharp claws. Something is bound to get cut and somepeople are bound to bleed.

You beat the opponents up with lunges, combos and killer special attacks (yung mga naglalaro ng arcade diyan, he has DRILL CLAW!). You can also opt just to execute the enemy by throwing them into spikes and cliffs.

Graphically speaking, for a console port, this is a stunning game. It doesn’t WOW the eyes right away but you’ll give your respects to the Unreal Engine it uses afterwards. We however give props to the crazy action sequences the game offers. We jumped off a building into a chopper, ran from end to end on an exploding bridge, fought a giant Sentinel and it all went smooth and pleasing to our critical eyes. One thing to note as well is that well is when Wolverine takes damage, it shows on his body. Severe damage and Wolverine will start to look like meat in a butcher shop. We’ve seen bone, we’ve seen innards hanging from his body. Thank goodness he heals up pretty fast, not a pretty sight.

We have noticed a few camera problems though. There are some levels that the camera angle is pretty much retarded that controlling Wolverine equals solving a parabolic equation problem while getting hit on the head with a huge freakin’ rock.

The game sounds are impressive as well. Pretty much what you’d expect from a movie tie-up game. It’s funny to hear soldier yell “Nooooooo” when only a few seconds ago they’re saying “Kill the bastard!” The difference? A few seconds ago, Wolverine’s claws weren’t coming straight at his face. We have to point out however that after a few hours of gameplay, you’ll be noticing repetitions. LOTS of them. The same enemies yell the same things over and over. Also Wolverine says his catch phrases like “I’m the best at what I do.” repeatedly. It kinda gets to you after a while but does not hinder gameplay.

The game has little replay value. You are given a choice of three difficulties; easy, normal and hard. Hardmode is unlocked after you play through the game for the first time. Also there are “Action Figures” hidden all over the game. When you get them, they unlock a costume for Wolverine to wear. Sa mga babaeng gamer diyan, ito na pagkakataon niyo makita si Hugh Jackman na naka yellow spandex (original yellow costume ni wolverine). You can also try new wolverine mutagen builds but that’s as far as replay value goes.

All in all X-men Origins: Wolverine is a pretty solid console port but still has the console problems. The PC edition does not offer anything new. However, if you’re looking for a solid beat them up game, this is a great game to get. If you’re a Wolverine or X-men fan, this is a must get.

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  1. Great review! Thanks for this. It was a good read.

    Will try the game out soon.


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