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Windows 7 Beta Leaked

Microsoft’s upcoming new operating system Windows 7 Beta is being distributed at popular BitTorrent sites including Pirate Bay and Mininova.

Build 7000 of Microsoft Windows 7 Beta is beeing distributed at torrent sites probably been leaked as we’re sure Microsoft would not let its own OS to be distributed other than their official website.

This is not the first time Windows 7 was released in torrent sites, Windows 7 M3 which is distributed to selected attendee of Professional Developer Conference (PDC) in Los Angeles last October 28.

Build 7000 is what Microsoft will issue next month as Windows 7 Beta, according to other reports by Windows bloggers who have copies. Paul Thurrott, for example, posted a review and screenshots of Build 7000 today on his “SuperSite for Windows” site, naming it as the Beta build.

We can expect Microsoft to release the open beta to the public anytime this January. Microsoft blog hinted that it may be available not later than January 13.

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