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Windows 7 Beta 1 Not Compatible with GameGuard

Okay, I admit it, I cannot resist the temptation of testing Windows 7 Beta 1 so I decided to visit one of the many known torrent sites and downloaded a copy of this new operating system from Microsoft. It took me 2 days to download the image. Downloading was painstakingly a long wait especially for me who is stuck with SmartBro’s 384kbps. 🙁

My main concern actually is will Windows 7 run games? I already heard tech people proclaiming how stable Windows 7 is. It actually detects and install the right hardware without much issue. But none of those i read said about gaming so my curiosity grew bigger until finally I caved in and gave it a try even though my copy came from an unofficial site.

I tried Philippine Ragnarok Online. The game successfully downloaded all the patches but wont start due to GameGuard’s failure to load.


Same problem was encountered for Cabal Online, GameGuard wont start so I cannot play the game. I suppose other games that use GameGuard will suffer this same problem.


GameGuard started to suffer this kind of problem on Windows Vista but was later fixed and is now loading well. Before then, gamers will have to disable User Account Control (UAC) introduced first on Vista. Then I thought maybe this trick of disabling UAC might temporarily fix the loading problem.

Windows 7 offers 4 different settings for UAC. I chose Never Notify me when: setting to see if this will fix GameGuard loading problem. Windows 7 requires me to reboot my system for the new settings to take effect.

I tried running Ragnarok Online once again and I was dismayed to see that the problem didn’t go away.

UAC Windows 7

I tried a few more tricks such as running ragnarok.exe as Administrator and trying Compatibility Mode but no luck either.

Windows 7 is a significant software upgrade from Vista. It was stable, faster, and equipped with new shiny graphical effects such as rotating wallpaper which I most liked.

On the other hand, World of Warcraft, FreeStyle and CrazyKart work perfectly so my guess is most, if not all, online games that doesn’t use GameGuard will have no problem running.

The new OS is still in Beta 1 and we can expect more fixes and enhancements to be added by the Microsoft Dev Team including this GameGuard issue. And I do hope too that nProtect, the company responsible for GameGuard, would start fixing this issue as well before Windows 7 becomes ready for consumers later this year.

World of Warcraft


  1. Please someone find a fix for this PLEASE!!! I beg u so much I wanna play Rappelz on this awesome OS if there is anyway at all even if it takes 10 hours

  2. There isn’t any fix yet , you can make dualboot with XP and Win7.. Aero is slow and XP plays DX9 Games same fast as on Win7..
    Has anyone tried PerfectWorld? seems much more better looking.. + FREE

  3. Actually Microsoft cannot be blamed on this, it’s nProtect team should be. They created a low-level interacting code that’s not acceptable by win7 because of security reasons. They must revamp their architecture or I would say online games in the future not to rely on crappy gameguard.

  4. Perfect World runs fine on Windows 7 build 7000

    It’s only gameguard games that fail.

  5. I agree with hihi. Gameguard is yesterday’s tech being used today.

  6. quote: “The new OS is still in Beta 1 and we can expect more fixes and enhancements to be added by the Microsoft Dev Team including this GameGuard issue.

    it’s not an issue with windows, it’s NProtect guys who must make their software compatible with the beta… and as long as it goes… they don’t seem to care…

  7. i cant play CRAZYKART ..the same way that when i launched the game, there is an error occured ..i just want to know how to fix the problem ..can someone please tell me how ..

  8. Miguel, send a nasty-gram to the game company that uses GG and ask them to remove it from their product. I think this is the best route to go.

  9. all my games that is using game guard didnt work but grandchase that is using game guard work

  10. This may be old news but I recently bumped into this GameGuard fixes for Win7. Unfortunately, I haven’t tried it yet but I do wanna know if it will work on our local games like Ragnarok. Coz I wanna try Win7 too~

  11. Nice find Alicia.. thank you for sharing that with the community.

  12. I installed Ragnarok Online around March of 2009 and I tell you, GameGuard was working fine at that time except after an update last May 27 which screwed up everything.

  13. My friend in game told me that gameguard has indeed worked on pRO under Windows 7 during that time. But after more scrutiny, he found out that gameguard was actually disabled and the patched that followed corrected thus enabling it again.

    that maybe the reason why GG fails once again in running under Windows 7.

  14. i also have windows 7. Something is weird guys. some of you can’t run RO, giving you error messages, right? my case is like this, i am able to run new chaos with no issue, however, when i enter valhalla (my homeserver), i always get disconnected 10-20 seconds from being logged in.

    do you think that the problem is still with my window. if yes, why other server works fine but valhalla don’t?

  15. @madison: finally someone who has the same problem. my nephew tried running valhalla on windows 7 but he suffered the same fate (gets disconnected after 10-20 seconds of being logged in). i was wondering if it was the gameguard client, because when i asked him to repatch gameguard (deleting/replacing the old gameguard folder), he reported seeing only a few files in the new folder (like around 4) when the normal gameguard folder has several files inside. i do hope this gets fixed before my nephew loses interest in playing in valhalla.

  16. I’m very much interested in Windows 7. In fact, I’m planning on upgrading to it soon. But I hesitate since I can’t play RO on it if I do. yokyokyok

  17. guys i have a solution regarding gameguard not compatible with windows7 32bit.

  18. i forgot to tell you that it is only for cabal online. haven’t tested it with other games.

  19. i am using windows 7 RC 7100 32bit

  20. here is the link. just extract the file to the cabal folder. After which, be sure to run cabal online as administrator. please reply if i have solved your problem guys.

  21. Thank you so much for sharing this with the community kricts.

  22. sorry guys i copied the wrong link. here is the correct one.

  23. i play gunz and now i cant coz i have windows 7 i deleted all gameguard shit and put the new one (updated) but when i start the game the gameguard loading and when my game go to start my computer fail and the blue death screen apear..?? someone can help me plz

  24. is perfect world EN/MY compatible? because i have changed over from vista to windows 7 recently and it wont let me manually patch 52-53, its so frustrating because i play pwmy all the time and have 3 high level chars on there that i have spent money and time on. Has someone got any advice on how to patch it to 53 because theres no manual patch for this particular patch, thx

  25. windows 7 is vistas twin… security wise you have to do the same process to run RO in vista. which was right click and run admin. if u got game guard error114 delete gameguard folder then run RO as admin again. now if your patching.. theres a trick to it. u have to have the Ragnarokonline folder writeble. how? go to ragnarokonline folder. right click> security> edit> i think its on the lower part. click the check box for modify. meaning vista will allow the patch to go thru…

  26. windows seven can play any recently upgraded gameguard game unless they haven’t patched up the detection error happen with every game i play and some games take so hellishly long time

  27. well actually a lot of new games coming out with gamegaurd are compatible now such as bots and grand chase

  28. well the same with my probs in win7 lots of applications are blocked specialy cabal,hero,and luna!

  29. Im using windows 7 and my crazy kart hang after log in my acc


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