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Vrooomm!!! Here comes a new MMOG casual game in town! IP E-Games will finally put you in starting lane to race up against other players in the much awaited new racing game of the year. Introducing Top Speed, the new MMOG casual racing game by E-Games will start its CBT anytime this february and is expected to release the game on public after a month of bug squashing.

Top Speed Philippines Preview

Vrooomm!!! Top Speed is back on track! IP E-Games will put you in the starting line to race against other players in the much awaited new racing game of the year. Top Speed, the new MMOG casual racing game to be distributed by E-Games is now on Closed Beta Testing (CB) phase and is expected to be available to the public after a month of bug squashing.

To celebrate the arrival of Top Speed, E-Games is launching an event for gamers who have decided to register now. Gamers will have a chance to win rare items to upgrade their karts.

Top Speed Test Drive Event will be held every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4pm to 7pm. First seven players to enter the room designated by GMs  will have a chance to join the Solo Item Race. More info about the event here.

The Game

Top Speed is a comically fast kart game from Chinese developer ICE Entertainment and will be published locally by IP E-Games. Players speed though the Wild West, rolling plains, undersea labs, and even haunted houses while battling for a first place finish.

Character levels, quests, and player customization give Top Speed unique depth for a casual PC online racer. Players can have one quick race or grind out levels against fellow speed freaks. It’s a race to the top, one match at a time.

Game Features

A Racer’s Paradise
Several unique tracks and a host of sabotage items give racing fans everything they would expect from a top flight racer with some added twists. Blast your friend with a missile in the middle of a haunted house or leave someone in the dust with a well-timed speed boost in the desert. It’s all fair in the quest for first place.

Interactive Social Atmosphere
Friend lists, a chat interface, a Club (Guild) system, as well as an advanced P2P mail-system featuring a Cash-On-Delivery function, Top Speed allows maximum interactivity for all.

Kart Customization
Pimp your ride with grills, body panels, bumpers, wheels and a sweet engine to send that speedometer into the red. You can also use overlay cards and paint to give your kart a stylish custom look.

Sabotage Items
Crowded races become increasingly frenzied as bombs, missiles, clouds and UFOs add to the excitement. Two sabotage items can be stored at once and stacked to increase effect. A stacked ball and chain becomes a stone weight, while a stacked speed boost sends your kart speeding away on its own set of wings. Items can help you slow down the leader or retain the lead.

Where are the racers separated from the drivers? In the turns. Simple controls make Top Speed easy to learn, but its sensitive drifting system keeps players training to master all the sharp corners. Execute a drift perfectly to earn a quick speed boost and zip right by the competition.

Unique Avatars
Clothes, hairstyle, gender, and even horoscopes are customizable for every Top Speed player. Create your own racer profile, outfit him or her accordingly, and go win in style.

Top Speed System Requirements

Operating SystemWindows XPWindows XP
ProcessorPentium III (800MHz)Pentium IV (1.4GHz)
Graphics CardGeForce2 MX 400
ATI Radeon 7500
GeForce 5200 or better
ATI Radeon
9200 or better

Top Speed will be offered as Free 2 Play game and will be supported by in-game store. Gamers may buy eP Card to convert as ePoints to be able to purchase in-game item. Visit Top Speed official website at


  1. Bago nanamang casual game hawig nga lang sa Crazy Kart ng Level up pero mukang mas exciting dahil sa guild system. Di na ko makapag hintay.

  2. bkit yaw po mkuha client.
    den ung una ku n download palpak anu b yan

  3. ano ba yang nric pota d aq maka register

  4. What is N.R.I.C.


  6. pano p mg download d2

  7. plsss panget kasi carzy cart eh crzy talaga pero gnda top speed

  8. kasi ung top speed namin ng server is bisy

  9. ano yung nric pki sabi nman

  10. hio kung sino mang gumawa nito paki tulungan namang hanapin ang top speeder ha !!!!!!!!!!

  11. kelan po ilalabas tong game?
    pwd na bato laruin?
    kc nag hahanap ako ng client nito ng pilippines wla ako makita..san po ba makikita?

  12. too late for those who are going to read this now. tinanggal na ng e-games ulet ung topspeed dahil nagiba ung original owner ng top speed, hindi na ung dating kasunduan nila kaya di na nila pwede ihandle. kung gusto niyo, dun kayo sa chinese or malaysian server, dun din nag migrate halos lahat ng ph players ng top speed eh.

  13. @kana
    Very unfortunate. Corporate world does that.

  14. ako ung pauline sa top speed nag server is busy lvl 18 kaylan po ba ulit mag bubukas ung TOP Speed!!!

  15. san p b mg download ng Top Speeder? ito p b ung site ng Top Speed?

  16. ummmmmmmmmmmm!!! bad day

  17. nak ng puts…di ako maka rehistro dahiul sa nric na yan…ano ba yan?

  18. nak ng puts…di ako maka rehistro dahil sa nric na yan…ano ba yan?

  19. quoted from kana: “tinanggal na ng e-games ulet ung topspeed dahil nagiba ung original owner ng top speed”

    kung bakit kasi baliktad ang paglagay ng comments. dapat most recent first. ><

  20. Pede pa kayo maglaro ng topspeed yung Malaysian server.. favorite pastime ko pa rin to

    tapos kung need nyo ng NRIC


    palitan nyo lang yung XXXXXX ng birthday nyo.. example 050190

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