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World of Warcraft crosses 10 million milestone

The biggest online game in the world breaks another record. Which game boasts a population greater than Sweden, Israel or Haiti? Online role-playing phenomenon World of Warcraft is the answer: Blizzard Entertainment announced this week that subscriber counts for its smash hit fantasy RPG recently broke the 10 million mark. Warcraft players number more than 2.5m in North America, while …

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The Paladin Chronicles – Double Rewards

I’ve been looking for a +10blade[4] for the past few days. I’ve already made my +10 triple beholder boned blade and I’m looking to make a +10 Quad Bloody Blade. Guess what peeps, overupgrading even a level 1 weapon is HELL in Valhalla. I know it’s an exaggeration but you’d have more luck making Dark Lord dance ballet than make …

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Lineage 2 Review

Lineage 2 is a Korean MMORPG not really unique but offers a lot of imaginative features. It’s set in an entirely medieval setting. If you watch old King Arthur movies, you’ll know what I mean (yung mga naka sobrang bigat na armor na din a makalakad – akala mo rin kinalawang nalang – yokyokyok). It offers the standard medieval fantasy …

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