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Reliving Live! A Level Up! Games Event!

Level Up! Games, Inc. in their liveblogging section of their website will feature a 5 day long event reliving the events of October 18-19, the Level Up! Live 2008 and coincidentally the venue for the Ragnarok World Championships. The live webcast will stream to your browsers starting Nov. 10 until Nov. 14. (Check schedule here:Click po!) The event will feature …

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PinoyGaming at Level Up! Live 2008

The Owning begins! The biggest gaming event in the Philippines has fueled itself, started its engine and stepped on the gas with a size 16 shoe. It’s going full blast and will bring you a blow by blow for the full 2 days of Level Up Live 2008. Infact, just launched a microsite just for Level Up Live 2008 at …

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