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Grand Chase – Action Packed MMORPG by Level Up!

Grand chase is the first real-time fighting game that will be released in Philippine market. It features quest, dungeon raids and PVP match-up. PVP in Grand Chase can hold up to 6 players to compete simultaneously against each other! Just imagine how exciting this game will be while fighting with other players online.

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Let’s Race with Crazy Kart

Crazy Kart is finally in its Open Beta phase, boosting Level Up! Games' offering of casual games for pinoy gamers. It is the first online casual racing game released in the Philippines. Crazy Kart features cartoonish style of graphics and highly customizable setups of karts to choose. Pwede mo pa ngang piliin ang Owner, Mega FX Taxi at Jeepney bilang pangarera.

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The Paladin Chronicles – Cheap Mumu

For the past few days I’ve been leading an attack against two of the major boss monsters in Ragnarok Online; Valkyrie and Ifrit. Both attempts have been as successful as a straight overup from +0 to +10 on a poopoo hat. yokyokyok.

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