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Let’s Race with Crazy Kart

Crazy Kart is finally in its Open Beta phase, boosting Level Up! Games’ offering of casual games for pinoy gamers.  It is the first online casual racing game released in the Philippines.

Crazy Kart features cartoonish style graphics and highly customizable setup of karts.  Pwede mo pa ngang piliin ang Owner, Mega FX Taxi at Jeepney pangarera. (Editor: Kulang nalang EDSA race track!)

Gameplay is similar to Mario Kart developed by Nintendo.  Certain power-ups can be picked up on the road and can be used to boost your kart’s speed, protection and ability to destroy or disrupt your opponents.

Crazy Karts race tracks are numerous and have varying levels of difficulty. Some tracks are built for speed while others are geared towards technique.  Skidding is often a must on corners to turn your kart without loosing much speed.

Registering for your Crazy Kart account is easy especially if you already have a My LU account.  Just head to your My LU Account at and log-in or sign-up if you don’t have an account yet. After registering, download the game at the official website located at Client installer is 220MB in size and will consume 345MB of your disk space after install.

Most systems nowadays can run Crazy Kart at max graphics settings.  I have a Pentium 4 2.8GHz with Nvidia Geforce 5500 256MB video RAM and the game runs smoothly.

Crazy Kart's shop
Crazy Kart's shop
Race with your kart
Race with your kart

Bump into your friends online, as in bumper to bumper! Crazy Kart is surprisingly addictive despite the low graphic requirements and simple style of gameplay. That’s its appeal for the most part, just crazy enjoyable gameplay.

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Jerico Vilog

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  1. most likely MX200 or MX400 lang yang video card mo. my advice is to upgrade your video card to at least ATI x1650 128 bit or nvdia 7600. Those are the only remaining AGP cards that are compatible on your motherboard and your best bet for upgrade.

  2. If you can’t upgrade yet, try toning down the graphic settings kapatid. Like lower the resolution and close other programs running. We strongly recommend you upgrade soon though. AGP cards are getting phased out.

  3. mabilis ba ang ferari?…ung red…??

    sasakyan ko kc ung Jeep nym “Owner”

    bibili ako ng Ferari at Mech Rover na

    ilan ang Top speed ng Ferari at Mech Rover…

    ^^ plz.. reply..

  4. uhm.. bakit ang pangit ng graphics sa pc ko? hnd nakikita ung mga kart sa rum.. blue lang na boxes.. ano pong pede kong gawin?

  5. Yes, I have tried it using gamepad, just open the crazykart folder, and look for CKSetting to configure your game controller

  6. langya nmn oh!! tagal ko ng DL taz corrupted ung files!!!!wala b kaung ibang link n pwede?
    ayucin nio nmn ung mga post nio dto!!!
    dun s iba.. wag nio n subukan masasayang lng oras nio s paghihintay!!!

  7. pano makakonek dito? “can’t connect daw” indian server lang ang nasa choices ko pag sasali ako. help

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