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Gamer’s Guide for DirectX 11

DirectX 11 is the next gaming API for windows machine. DirectX yung ginagamit ng mga game developer para i design ang mga paborito at kinababaliwan nating mga games.

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DirectX 11 Games Announced

AMD/ATI is expected to grace the gaming community with new series of GPU’s with DirectX 11 capabilities. But to spice up the grand event of DirectX 11, AMD boasts of 4 new games that will support DirectX 11. Hey, this is something they should really strive to offer if they want the gaming community to buy their new cards. Besides, …

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AMD/ATI’s DirectX 11 GPU to Arrive October

ATI’s next flagship GPU and the first DirectX 11 capable chip is about to arrive this October. RV870 is the next flagship GPU of ATI which incorporates DirectX 11 capabilities. ATI hopes to release this chip by the time Microsoft unveil Windows 7 which has support for DirectX 11 API. Codenamed Cypress, this GPU is expected to be named HD5870 …

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Nvidia to Join ATI’s DX10.1 Bandwagon

Nvidia will refresh its GT200 lineup with new GPUs capable of DirectX 10.1 instruction. Recent ATI Radeon GPUs already support DirectX 10.1 since 2007 but Nvidia has become reluctant and didn’t bother to upgrade their chipsets past DX10. According to tech insiders, Nvidia will release its new 40nm GPUs this coming September and might be branded as GT210 and GT220 …

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WARP: Use Your PC Even Without a GPU!

Microsoft announced the inclusion of WARP to their upcoming operating system Windows 7 to debuted late 2009. WARP or Windows Advanced Rasterization Platform enables your system, with proper hardware support, to boot even without a graphics card sitting on your AGP or PCIe slot. ┬áThe new software tecnology also enables you to run games that require DirectX 9, 10, 10.1 …

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