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Nvidia to Join ATI’s DX10.1 Bandwagon

Nvidia will refresh its GT200 lineup with new GPUs capable of DirectX 10.1 instruction.

Recent ATI Radeon GPUs already support DirectX 10.1 since 2007 but Nvidia has become reluctant and didn’t bother to upgrade their chipsets past DX10.

According to tech insiders, Nvidia will release its new 40nm GPUs this coming September and might be branded as GT210 and GT220 however Nvidia hasn’t released an official statement about this.

Later this year or probably early 2010, Nvidia is scheduled to introduced GT300 with DX11 support while ATI will release their new flagship DX11 GPUs alongside the release of Windows 7 on October 22, 2009.

Both Nvidia and ATI is in a tight race on releasing the first card to support DX11 and so far it seems ATI will win this round.

DirectX 11 is the next graphics api that Windows 7 will introduce to market.

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