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IE9 Previewed at PDC09

Microsoft’s Windows and Windows Live division president Steven Sinofsky yesterday previewed Internet Explorer 9 at the Professional Developer’s Conference. Sinofsky showed IE9 to attendees, an early build, and explaining that this version of the browser will focus on support for new standards like HTML5 and CSS3, as well as developing a faster JavaScript rendering engine. According to Sinofsky, IE9 will …

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Chrome OS to Debut Next Week

Rumors circulating around the tech-world that Google’s own operating system Chrome OS is about to see the limelight next week. Chrome OS is an operating system designed by Google, Inc. that will run on systems with x86 and ARM processors. The new OS is primarily designed to be installed on small laptops such as netbooks.

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Firefox Browser will be in Porn Mode

The Mozilla guy decided all along to include Private Mode to their upcoming browser Firefox 3.1. Firefox 3.1 is currently in Beta 1. Mozilla was seems pressured by the the new features of its competitor namely Google’s Chrome with its Incognito mode and Microsoft’s InPrivate mode. Later after discussion, they eventually let the new feature included in their upcoming 2nd …

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Google Chrome now on Beta 3

Google released its 3rd beta update to its new Google Chrome browser, the browser which Google introduced nearly 2 months ago, to fix security upgrade and better support for plugin. Chrome will automatically be downloaded on your system said Mark Larson at Google Chrome blog, the browser’s product manager. You may also open About Google Chrome (from the wrench …

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Opera Browser 9.60 Beta 1

Opera will not sit idly wathching Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla boasts their upcoming browsers. Today Opera Software released Opera 9.60 Beta 1 with new and improved features that will make it stay competitive against well funded competitors.

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