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CardMon Hero enters Open Beta this January 20, 2010. Four days of free-play is scheduled in SM Marikina's Cyberzone Area.

T3Fun Opens CardMon Hero Free-Play Event in SM Marikina Cyberzone

Seoul, Korea – (January 19, 2010) —SM Marikina’s Cyberzone is the place to be this coming weekend as T3Fun offers a free-play event for their newest MMO. This is in celebration of the opening of the open beta phase of their hottest MMORPG, CardMon Hero, which is the game to be featured. The free-play event from T3Fun will begin this January 20, 2010 until January 23, 2010. Laptops and LCD screens will be provided by NEO and AOC. CD installers and posters are to be handed out to new registrants.

CardMon Hero is a one-of-kind MMORPG that incorporates a card summoning system in a free to play MMORPG. The game features a card battle system which allows players to summon various mercenary allies to assist them in battle. Players take on the role of a Hero with a set of Mercenaries which are all fully customizable through a full-featured crafting system. With this, the card system provides players the freedom of experiencing a very distinctive gaming escapade with cards that just can’t be found anywhere. There are numerous quests inside and leveling won’t be a drag due to very little grind. Heroes can assemble their very own deck of mercenary cards to guard them against the evil that has entered Aria. CardMon Hero is based on the popular Korean free-to-play MMORPG Camon Battle, opened to a global audience and rebadged as CardMon Hero.

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T3 Entertainment

T3 Entertainment is a major Korean MMO developer and publisher. It is a developer of online games with branches in Korea, Great Britain, China, Taiwan, and Japan. Its name was established in the Asian
market with the blockbuster hit ‘Audition’ and has been quickly expanding since, with over 300 million current users in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. With a large work-force and skill in the
development of online games, T3 Entertainment has won the Best Game of the Year Award on numerous occasions.

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Hanbitsoft Inc.

HanbitSoft Inc. is one of the largest online game publishers in Korea as well as in Asia. HanbitSoft has continuously invested in developing and publishing excellent and promising online games. HanbitSoft
has a broad portfolio of online games ranging from casual games to high-end MMORPG’s, either developed in-house or by external development studios such as Joy Impact (WYD and its recent
MMORPG, AIKA) IMC Games (Granado Espada), etc. HanbitSoft games have reached out to more than 40 countries including Europe and Brazil and it is focusing on pioneering overseas online game markets
in an effort to be a “global leading publisher.”

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Redbana Philippines Corporation

Redbana Philippines is a subsidiary of HanbitSoft Inc. Redbana Philippines currently services popular global game titles such as With Your Destiny and the award winning AIKA GLOBAL. Redbana Philippines
aims to be the Philippine’s No. 1 Online Game Publisher with introduction of new games such as AIKA GLOBAL and upcoming CARDMON HERO.

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