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Some Nokia Handsets Plagued with Bug

Nokia handsets are advised to visit their nearest Nokia Center to upgrade their fones that are still using an old version of the Symbian OS.

This advice came after a code was discovered that could make your handset crash by recieving specially-formatted text message from other celfones.

The bug, called “Curse of Silence”, prevents incoming SMS messages from being received once a specially-formatted text has been received as demonstrated by Tobias Engel. Phones running Nokia’s S60 interface, versions 2.6 to 3.1, can be attacked in this way, and some models need a hard reset to recover.

Handsets, such as the N85, N96, 6650, are using S60 Feature Pack 2 and are therefore immune. However, if you’ve got one of the earlier models then you are strongly advise to upgrade your software before your tech-literate enemies who know your number start to irritate you.

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