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Phase One of Philippine Ragnarok Online's Ragnarok Philippine Championship 2008 hass ended and here's a summary of the events that transpired in Baldur server. Three factions battling out for the coveted server championhip: Armed & Loaded Faction, 123 Faction and ABC Faction.

pRO Baldur: Agit Lords 2008 – Phase One

One down… With Phase one done what have we seen so far?

The ANL Faction
Armed & Loaded – POCHI – TNI ZG – Infinity – Elite Scara Squadron

Faction Flag bearer Armed & Loaded were held to zero points as they were unsucessful in their attempts in taking down the Honor castle in Prontera and the Carnage castle in Juno. They tried defending a scoring agit however they were repulsed many times by the other two groups. They used the “no-emblem” strategy but they were unsucessful as the other guilds were ready for it.

The group is in a turmoil this past few sieges. Their membership base were hit hard due to typhoon Frank which devastated the visayan region. There were unverified reports of infighting among some of its members however they can not be counted out. The ANL guild has a rich history, perhaps longer than any other guild here in Baldur. Do they have an ace up their sleave?

The 123 Faction
Sustainers of the Realm – Hyksos/Alliance – Heimdall’s Einherjar – Dark Descendants

Sustainers of the Realm, the AL bet of the 123 faction managed to put in moderate AL points. They held a WoE SE agit however they only managed to get a few points due to some heavy sustained attacks from the other factions. They tried chasing the Honor agit however they were just outnumbered in Lazargues, the middle prontera agit.

This faction’s challenge today is their numbers. This group had the largest population a year ago however with several players going on retirement, their numbers have dwindled to a point where they had trouble fighting against bigger factions. This groups and it’s leader Legokidd is scrappy, they will find a way to score points. Only time will tell if they can muster enough siegers and challenge the other goups for supremacy.

The ABC faction
Armada/Goonz – Bozanian Beast Fighter – Carnage – Coalescence – Godsmack – ExMachina – Genesis Rejects

The Carnage guild has the most AL points. They did this by locking down a Valor agit…the Nydeabell-Schwartzwald Castle Schatimil. They made the most of the agit’s scoring potential by maximizing its economy giving them 5 siege points per siege day. Carnage with its allies Bozanian Beast Fighter and Exmachina locked down the 1st portal and with the help of powerful WoE SE Guardians, managed to protect the castle until the end of phase 1.

The Coalescence guild along with Armada-Goonz and Genesis Rejects held the only honor scoring agit and protected it for the whole phase 1. Several break attempts from the other factions were made however with their superior number and advantage in position repulsed the attacks. There were several near misses like an EC near the emperium itself however they had ladyluck singing for them.

This faction has the numbers to win. It showed during phase 1 that even with two castles to protect, they still managed to put a guild on cavalry mode (Bozanian Beastfigher) to roam around the other agits. The question is can they keep this up for the other Phases? Let us wait and see.


Peace brother, WoE is just a game /no1

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