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Pokémon GO Readying for Halloween Event


Who’s up for some scaring?

Niantic, publisher of Pokémon GO, has posted on their Facebook page a hint of increase in appearance of Pokémons in the wild or perhaps easier sightings of rarer Pokémons.

As posted in their Facebook page, Pokémon GO players, or should I say trainers, can expect encounters for more Pokémon in their surroundings. Your chances of capturing Snorlax or Pikachu should be higher during the Halloween period.

With Halloween around the corner, we anticipate Trainers may encounter more Pokémon in the real world. The AR camera is a great way to capture and share these encounters with your friends!

Event may start on October 31 and may last for 24 hours or hopefully a couple of days.

Source: Niantic via Slashgear

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