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Play on Your Netbook? NVIDIA has the Answer

Playing games on current generation of netbooks is not yet possible at this time due to underpowered components particularly the graphics processor built into it.

NVIDIA will be offering a new integrated GPU to accompany the power of Intel’s Atom CPU. The new integrated GPU will be the Geforce 9400 codenamed “Ion”. Clearly it is more powerful than the current GPU found today as this GPU is capable of running some of your favorite games and more than that, it can also play 1080p HD Video.

NVIDIA claims that Call of Duty 4 runs fine on the new platform while Spore executive producer Lucy Bradshaw said in a statement, “Spore looks and runs great with netbook and nettop PCs featuring GeForce GPUs and Atom CPUs. Gamers will be impressed with the Ion platform’s power and portability.”

NVIDIA Ion Platform

NVIDIA’s Drew Henry, GM of the MCP business unit said in a statement, “Until now, a high definition affordable PC was an oxymoron. The Ion Platform pairs the GeForce 9400 with a truly great Intel Atom CPU and lets consumers surf the Internet, play top games, edit photos, and watch videos all in high definition. This will really energize the PC market in 2009!”

NVIDIA released the 9400 GPU in October. The GPU features 16 cores that are CUDA capable and the GPU takes up half the space of previous integrated GPUs. Shortly after the launch of the 9400 GPU, NVIDIA boasted that it would take the firm to a 30% market share in notebook graphics. With the strength of the netbook market right now, Ion is likely the key to NVIDIA making good on that claim.

Netbooks with Ion platform will be ready by year 2009.

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