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Philippine Ragnarok Online: New Chaos

Level Up! Games officially announced its plans to merge all Pay to Play servers namely Baldur, Tyr and Freya into one single server named New Chaos this coming November.

Mechanics for merging will be posted anytime this November before the actual merging is to take place so players would be able to prepare to the consequences of merging the database such as duplicate character name and guild name.

New Chaos will still remain a subscription based server but will have a lower rates.  Tentative subscription rate suggested is Php200.00 for 1 month, down from Php350.00.  Weekly subscription will be Php50.00, down from Php100.00. Rates are not yet official and still subject to change.

Philippine Ragnarok Online started its close beta in year 2003 with Chaos as its only server. Later in 2004, Loki server was born after the game became gold. More servers were added to accomodate the influx of gamers excited to try the first online game that hits the country. Chaos alone posted a whooping 19,000 concurrent users playing the game at one time but competition from other game publishers seen a steady decline of users.

With declining population across all its server, LU see it fit to merge all servers and there Baldur, Freya, and Tyr was born. Soon later URDR joined Tyr.

Currently, Philippine Ragnarok Online has 6 servers: Baldur, Freya, Tyr, Sakray, Valkyrie and Valhalla.


  1. anu naman ang New Benefits ng New Chaos Server na yan???

    hmm i suggest na 150 per month nalang ang bayad.. tutal nawawala na ang mga Tao eh…

  2. i think the main reason is to consolidate again all players to play in one server thus creating an atmosphere of an active server filled with people.

    Hoping maybe that through this, gaganahan na uli maglaro mga players hehe.

  3. bakit d ako makapasok sa new chaos!? tapos gumawa ako ng bagung account! tapos pag lumabas insufficient daw! anu ba yan!

  4. dark-ro nlng kau

  5. pano ung mga character ko >..< pa help nmn poh thx

  6. ano link ung pwede donwloadan neto?

  7. pano ba mag cr8

  8. pano mag download

  9. help me how to download new chaos of ragnarok… i’m getting tired reading all the data… i don’t even understand…pls help me

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