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Opera Updates Browser to 9.63

Opera Software ASA today released another update for its flagship product – Opera Browser. The new browser is now on version 9.63.

Security fixes is the main reason for releasing this update therefore they are encouraging all users to download the update on Opera’s website to safeguard you from malicious code that lurk the web.

Issues fixed and changes by 9.63 are as follows:

  • Manipulating text input contents can allow execution of arbitrary code.
  • HTML parsing flaw can cause Opera to execute arbitrary code.
  • Long hostnames in file: URLs can cause execution of arbitrary code.
  • Script injection in feed preview can reveal contents of unrelated news feeds.
  • Built-in XSLT templates can allow cross-site scripting.
  • Fixed an issue that could reveal random data.
  • SVG images embedded using <img> tags can no longer execute Java or plugin content.

Go download Opera 9.63 – and browse the web securely!

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