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NVIDIA’s GT212 to Use GDDR5

NVIDIA’s latest effort to bring the GPU crown back to their camp is coming to reality this January by first releasing their fastest dual GPU card do date – the Geforce GTX 295.  Early previews of the card demonstrate its remarkable speed over AMD’s Radeon 4870 x2.

They haven’t stopped there though, today a new rumor is circulating all over the tech community about the NVIDIA’s next high-end part, the GT212 that will use GDDR5. AMD/ATI are already using GDDR5 for their fastest GPU Radeon 4870.

According to the news posted at Guru3D, NVIDIA is planning to release GT212 later this year. The new GPU will utilize 7Gbps GDDR5 memory from Hynix and will be based on 40nm architecture.  GTX 295 is manufactured in 55nm though.

Furthermore, GT212 will have 384 shader processor and 96 texture mapping.

Chip area576mm2470mm2<300mm2
Texture units808096
Memory interface512b512b256b

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