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Microsoft Wage War Against Mac Through Ads

Apple has long been in an aggressive marketing against its software rival Microsoft over who’s has better and sexier machines and software.

Yet today, Microsoft launched their most direct attack on Apple by releasing the “Hi Mac, I’m a PC and I’m Cheaper Than You” ad campaign. The TV commercial was first viewed at NCAA men’s basketball tournament, broadcast on CBS.

The ad featured a consumer who shops for a 17″ laptop but was dissapointed with Apple over the steep price of their products. Only one product reach her budget of $1000 but that is a macmini which are limited to 13″ display.

Eventually she goes to Best Buy and saw range of laptops that satisfy her budget and finally graced to HP’s $699.00 Pavillion laptop.

At the end of the commercial, she states, “I’m a PC, and I got just what I wanted.”

Diwa de Leon, a composer who created the opening theme of Survivor Philippines told me “Mac is still the choice machine for professional recording artists, composers, arrangers, Hollywood filmmakers, animators, 3D artists, because of it’s reliability and stability of data integrity.”

OSX is packed with useful softwares such as Logic Pro Studio, Final Cut Pro and Garage band.

Security may be weaker on mac as proven twice in Pwn2Own but still the majority of malicious codes are written on Windows due to its huge 90% market share. Compromised Windows machines is the preferred platform of choice for hackers to launch their attacks in.

Apple’s products are pricier and considered premium but the rewards of having one is miles ahead than owning a comparable PC.

But if you plan to build your own machine or just looking for a machine to do your simple email, chat and browsing need then the commercial says its all.


  1. haha.. Sampal loL

  2. Most of the time Mac also slaps Microsoft and PCs in the general. So this is just payback haha.

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