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Mbike to be Available on HighStreet5

One of the most successful casual dance game in the Philippines will be adding a new features on November 24, 2009. Included in the upcoming update are Motorbike, Couple Stunt, Fashion Clothes, Megaphone and Pets.


Silent Whisper patch adds a bicycle for you to ride. Classic bicycle and kiddie mini-tricycles can be mounted by you or with a partner. But with the upcoming patch, a motorbike will be added to the game. I wonder if there will be a motor racing feature to be added soon haha, but for now, you can use your motorbike to stroll along with your partner for a cooler and romantic gaming.


Couple Stunt

Dance with your partner and do the new Mutual Love couple stunt and Happy Birthday Dance interactive movement. This new movements can only be done if you have a partner with opposite sex.

To perform Happy Birthday Dance, simply click on Interaction, then select Happy and finally choose Happy Birthday Dance to act the cutest cute couple.

happy-birthday-dance mutual-love

Fashion Clothes

Having a new motorbike and a new dance step is not enough if not coupled with new dress to complement. Therefore the upcoming patch includes as well new fashion dresses for men and women. New line of clothes are T-shirt dresses, halter-necked tops in happy, sunny colors, shirt-and-T combos as well as all the statement accessories.

clothes-1 clothes-2

Megaphone and Pets

Other features included in the patch is Pet adoption and a Megaphone to be able to shout globally. There is a special ranking system for Megaphone users. The more you use your Megaphone or Super Megaphone, the better your ranking will be.

Two new pets will also be present to accompany you. Meet Clever Snail and Darling

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