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Loadscreen Podcast Episode 4: Uncharted 3 Beta

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Show Notes

Game News:

  • Uncharted 3 Beta
  • Hideo Kojima New Project

Web News:

  • Buying Facebook Credits using Level Up! Prepaid Cards!
  • First Look at Google+

Tech/Gadget News:

  • Acer Iconia A500
  • Galaxy Tab 10.1


  • Retina Display Ipad
  • iPod touch 3G


  • Pinoy Web Dev Free Seminar at ETON Cyberpod on July 23, 2011

Shout Outs:

  • IP E-Games for the successful 3rd Anniversary Event of Cabal Reloaded Online last July 9, 2011
  • Lakwatcha Magazine by Mike Asuncion
  • Pinoy Gaming Network Theme by Diwa De Leon

Hosted by David, Johan and Jerico.

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  1. Not much news?!?!?! common guys go out there and check more sites. Hey don’t get me wrong but i can’t help but notice countless times on how you guys pronounced Uncharted in an awkward way. more power though, peace!

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