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Loadscreen Podcast Episode 14: Google Invasion?


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Show Notes


  • RAN Power Hour a great success!
  • Gears of War 3 Tops the UK Game Chart
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic release date
  • Valve wants to pull players off CS 1.6 with CS: Go
  • Zynga profits dive 95%
  • Core gamers now play social games increasingly
  • Minecraft Bethesda fight
  • James Cameron Avatar MMO


  • Blackberry Playook Huge Discount
  • Amazon E-Reader & Kindle Fire
  • RIP iPod Classic and Shuffle?


  • Firefox 7 Available For Download
  • India caps text messages
  • Google Turns Teenager, Yesterday
  • Google+ hits 50 million users
  • Google Dead Sea Scrolls project is now online
  • Google Drive

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Hosted by David and Johan.


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