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Going Vista, …a friendly advisory

Basta vista, wag na muna! It has been a few months since the launch of Microsoft’s new operating system (after windows XP) and reviews have been less than favorable. Bilang serbisyo sa ating mga café owners at gamers, heto napo review ko sa lintek na Windows Vista na yan.

Alrighty then mga kapatid, first and foremost, HUWAG MUNA KAYO KUMUHA NG VISTA! Yan, klaro na yan ha. We have many reasons why we say you shouldn’t get vista yet. Isa isahin natin ang mga dahilan mga kapatid.

Why not get vista? First, the entire PC community is still hooked on Windows XP. Software and hardware being developed previously had XP in mind when they were being made. Although many hardware developers now have signed on for vista and are now making drivers for it, it will still take a while for the bugs to be kicked out of these systems. Software on the other hand could be a bit easier in theory. Dito po pumapasok ang sinasabi nating “backward compatibility”. Vista is supposed to be able to run XP software with ease. This is because it was made to run some (some – not all) software written for XP. Don’t take the risk and try to figure out if vista can run it or not.

Second, Vista itself is buggy. As with most software, the first release is always laden with bugs, there is no exception. Grabbing a copy of vista now is like buying a half-cooked isaw (chicken intestine barbeque). Sa tingin mo masarap, pero pagkain mo, maya’t maya masakit na tiyan mo. Wait for it to cook first. Microsoft releases service packs for these things and I suggest you guys wait for the service pack to be released before getting vista.

Third, Vista is an operating system designed to run in a 64-bit computing environment. We mostly use 32-bit computing so that alone is a problem. I don’t want to get too technical and go on about it but this is worth mentioning as well (para sa ating mga techie na kapatid).

Bottomline, get Vista later. Mahirap na mag experimento lalo na kung may pera sa usapan. I-patch mo nalang windows XP mo mas masaya ka pa. I’ve always espoused a wait a see look when it comes to operating systems ever since the Windows ME fiasco. (Alala niyo yun? Yung Windows version na sobrang may topak). I repeat, don’t buy half-cooked isaw – maawa kayo sa sarili niyo. Tingnan niyo tuloy gutom na ako… bili nga ng isaw.

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