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Council of Regenshein Ready to Report

Veteran gamers mostly wanted a fair and healthy community. That’s why some, even the editors of Pinoy Gaming Network, became a game marshall or whatever you may call those who voluntarily provide their time to police the community against gamers who tries to exploit and take advantage of the weakness of the current game system. I served a short while keeping the community of Philippine Ragnarok Online during my stint days while my friend Donell responds

Today, Aika Global has called for dedicated and loyal gamers to join their Council of Regenshein. Though Aika Global is an international game, they didn’t forget to seek the help of pinoy gamers thus some lucky gamers was lucky enough to be included in the roster. Selection of proud gamers is still on going though. Read on the press release below to learn more. Let us know if you were one of the chosen one so we could recognize your valor. Also, please help us keep Aika’s community lively and clean of cheating 😉

AIKA Global’s Council of Regenshein is Now in Session!
Philippine Council of Regenshein is now ready to report for duty. Global General Assembly for Council members is set on September 24, 2010.

Seoul, Korea – (September 8, 2010)—One of the most prestigious councils ever formed for an online game will be meeting together soon. This council will be meeting this coming Friday, September 24, 2010. Otherwise known as the “The Council of Regenshein,” this special council is AIKA Global’s set of player volunteers that are out to bring glory to the AIKA Global community. T3 Entertainment and Hanbitsoft Inc. together with Redbana Philippines welcome these promising players into the T3fun AIKA Global team. Last August, T3fun has announced the start of recruitment for this council and has received Numerous applications coming from all over the world, including the Philippines. Of course as much as the company would like to accept everyone who’s willing to serve, there were only limited slots available.

The Council of Regenshein was formed to assist AIKA Global in many different ways. Some members would be given in-game responsibilities while some would be given offline tasks. Some tasks would include facilitating events online or offline, improving player relations or assisting players inside the game along with the GMs. So what then would these passionate and caring players get in return for their time and effort? Fifty thousand TCoins. Yes, that’s 50,000 T-Coins every month, that’s why AIKA Global’s GMs carefully picked those who passed the rigorous application process.

Council member seats in some countries are still open so please do check the official forums for further news updates. The first Council of Regenshein’s general assembly is set on Friday, September 24, 2010. See you all!

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