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Rainbow Six Vegas 2 – Review

It is finally out! The sequel to the latest Rainbow Six Tactical Shooter title is out with a bang and it promises hours of unyielding gunfire! Well, unyielding unless you survive that is. The Rainbow Six series has endured years of constant refinement. Albeit, not all of the moves done by its developers were good ones. Dumaan narin kasi siya sa consoles kaya medyo may topak siya noon (sorry ha.. biased ako sa PC yokyokyok). Anyway this new installment has a lot to offer. So lets dive right in!

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Hitman: Blood Money Review

Ever wonder where the game Assassin's Creed had its roots from? Well a few years back Eidos Interactive created a game that introduced us to a man named Agent 47 and the 3rd person action genre will never be the same again. Instead of having a character run around and shoot 50 guys with fully automatic weapons, this game was one of the first that encouraged planning and a LOT of stealth. The first game was worth mentioning but this second installment to the Hitman series cemented it in popular culture and even spawned a movie!

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Assassin’s Creed Review

At last Assassin's Creed has been released for the PC! I dare say it was all worth the wait. It has a couple more goodies compared to the console versions. There are however a few quirks on the PC version. What the heck am I waiting for? Let's dive right in!

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The Witcher – Review

Once in a while you encounter a game that totally irks you and you uninstall it faster than you can say, WITCH! Well mga kapatid, this is one of those games! Ito na siguro ang isa sa pinakamaiksing review na maisusulat ko. The Witcher is a game set in the world of good old medieval fantasy much like Dungeons and Dragons Online and the similarities stop there.

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