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Call of Duty: World at War Review

One of the most awarded First Person Shooters in recent memory is back, waaayyy back, to World War 2. Following the success and cult following of Call Of Duty 4: Modern warfare, it’s a big surprise that the next installment bring us back to World War II instead of progressing forward. Is this move worth it? Let’s find out!

Call of Duty: World at War uses the same engine as COD4 with some improvements. These include better water physics and fire propagation (yes, you can set things on fire now). Graphically speaking though, it doesn’t improve much from the original. Although, the lush jungle terrain and the mosquito ridden swamp lands definitely give it plus points. Cut scenes detailing stuff regarding WWII add to the mood somewhat but are not too notable.

COD: WaW sounds fantastic, from the authentic WWII guns sounds to the desperate charge of blood thirsty Japanese ambush troops. You’ll get shivers run down your spine as camouflaged Japanese foot soldiers jump from their hidden foxholes shrieking as they wave their bayonets and katanas at your head. As with all Call of Duty games in the past, the rumble of bombs exploding in the distance as you fire your rifle is exhilarating.

COD: WaW plays like any other WWII theme game. In fact, it offers nothing new besides killer action sequences. Riding tanks, and rescue gun planes hardly qualify as something new. However, this doesn’t mean it is less playable. You will still get your adrenalin pumping playing through the game. Running towards a bunker before throwing in a sachel charge while your buddies provide cover fire still gives you a high like no other FPS does.

The sad news about WaW if there ever is one, is the multiplayer. It’s basically a mod of COD4’s. It copies everything from point oF experience system to the unlocks upon mastery. Multiplayer is somewhat disappointing in this respect. However, Treyarch, the game’s developer didn’t want to fix what isn’t broken. They did add vehicles though but they’re none too notable. They change the battlefield somewhat. Also airstrikes are now attack dogs! If you loved COD4’s gut wrenching action, you will still like COD: WaW’s. Just don’t expect the same excitement.

Replay value on WaW is not too good considering most people have been jaded with WWII games in recent years. Perhaps that was why COD4 was a runaway hit being set in the modern times. However, if you still haven’t had your fill of WWII, COD: WaW is a welcome offering that will surely blow your socks off compared to other WWII fares.

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  1. If my PC can handle CoD:4, then it should be able to handle this too, right?

    Though I’m really still in love with CoD:4’s modernity. Guns with laser sights <3.

  2. yes you can run COD WaW! It has the same engine. I feel the same way about COD4. Nothing like modern rifles that really pack a punch.

  3. ano poh mga fetured games dito sa site na ito

  4. Hi cecille, we have lots of reviews and also a lot of new games. you can check out the review section and the PC games and Wii games section for other featured games. We also feature hardware and software out there in the market. You can also make suggestions on what stuff you want us to review.

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