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Call of Duty 4 patch 1.6 is out!

The long awaited new map patch for Call of Duty 4 is finally out! The patch is 240mb and has goodies in store with it including the 4 new maps. Creek is a map built for people who love bush, I mean grass, shrubs and trees. This I bet is the new sniping map. Killhouse is the new shotgun map I’d say being a close quarter battle from start to finish. Broadcast and Killhouse is a hybrid of both.

Nvidia Club SLI members got first dibs on the download and got the patch a day earlier than everybody else. Here’s the link to the patch. Enjoy!

Call of Duty 4 Patch 1.6


  1. Oh, the reason why this patch is free is cuz Nvidia sponsored it! We Love you nvidia!!

  2. tell me how to download this thing…..

  3. The patch is available at kapatid. Or you can follow the link on the article itself. The 1.7 patch have also been released bro.

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