Friday , 25 September 2020
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AMD Phenom II 950 Revealed

AMD has recently released their Phenom II X4 line of processors which are designed to provide an easy yet reasonable computing power compared to its Athlon x2 and Phenom microprocessors. Yet today, we are seeing a few more steps of improvement from AMD’s camp with the introduction of an even more powerful chip named Phenom II X4 950 which has …

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Is It AMD’s Comeback with Phenom II X4?

The whole AMD world is bracing itself for the release of Phenom II X4 desktop processor which is expected to ship 1st quarter next year. ¬†Phenom II X4 processor will be manufactured in 45nm process and touted to overclock up to 4GHz on air cooling alone. Well that’s a lot of overclocking potential once you use liquid nitrogen cooling. The …

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AMD Fusion: More Gaming Actions

Little did we know about the alternatives of which AMD is offering its Athlon and Phenom processors. AMD might not be able to match the power and efficiency of Intel's Core 2 processors but nevertheless they are offering cheaper and power efficient products that still offers decent speed for gaming, office and multimedia.

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