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Pinoy Gaming Forum – new discussion community for gamers

Every game is worth playing, in any way desirable. Believe it or not, the creators of the game wouldn't even spend a huge load of effort if they think their own game applications aren't even worth the attention. The gaming industry market nowadays are expanding dramatically, just imagine the time when we were still using our own crusty old family computer consoles and even the so-called brick games. In the present times, the gaming era had revolutionized much from its humble roots, proudly boasting of various technologies and features so as to cater to the typical gamer's fantasy of having a worthwhile and excellent playing experience he/she will hardly forget.

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IndiaRO To Merge with PhilippinesRO !

Oh my golly gosh! (sounds very unmanly) We were caught off guard by this news just recently posted in the inRO website. Apparently the merger is on it way and the work to pave the way for it has been going on under our noses for 2 weeks now! Hold on to your horses Ragnaholics this is going to be a very very rough ride. I've played in cross country gaming servers before and it does entail a lot of challenges. Mas mahirap pa nga ata ito dahil sa ibang international servers, nagsimula nang ganun. Eh ito, ipagpipilitang ipagsama!

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