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inRO and pRO Merger hang ups!

Yesterday we posted an article regarding the merger of inRO and pRO. IndiaRO soon after, released a few details about the merger in their website. It was stated that the merger will be on the Valhalla server and that kafra and zenny including items will be retained. However, we learned something new regarding this event.

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IndiaRO To Merge with PhilippinesRO !

Oh my golly gosh! (sounds very unmanly) We were caught off guard by this news just recently posted in the inRO website. Apparently the merger is on it way and the work to pave the way for it has been going on under our noses for 2 weeks now! Hold on to your horses Ragnaholics this is going to be a very very rough ride. I've played in cross country gaming servers before and it does entail a lot of challenges. Mas mahirap pa nga ata ito dahil sa ibang international servers, nagsimula nang ganun. Eh ito, ipagpipilitang ipagsama!

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